Friday, February 13, 2009

Ninja Warrior

Tyler is our Ninja Warrior. He started watching Ninja Warrior with Eric during the Winter Arctic Blast we had at Christmas time. Incase you are not familiar with Ninja Warrior, you can check it out here:

I have to say, when it's on TV, I find myself getting sucked in, even though I always say I'm not going to watch it. It's quite entertaining.

Well, Tyler has taken Ninja Warrior to new levels. Turning door ways in obstacle courses that he can climb, beds into lava pits, books into towers and dressers into things we climb and jump off of. Oh yes, it's true. It might sound as if we just let Tyler roam around unsupervised, which is not the case. This kid is quick-I mean fast...and he's always trying to gain some competitors...he wants you to play it with him. Sometimes we do, and sometimes we just let him play by himself (watching him the entire time, ready to leave for the ER at any moment)...the real treat is when we have company over and they get sucked Poor Aunt Krista was pretty tired on Christmas Eve after a rousing round with Tyler (thanks for that by the way).

Anyway, this afternoon I literally went to get a load of laundry- I could not have been gone more than a minute. When I came into our bedroom, there Tyler his undies (I should mention that his undies and his white t-shirt are his Ninja Warrior uniform)...with hangers around his legs. He said he had a new Ninja challenge. I just laughed my head off when I saw this one...I had to let him complete his course. He won, no doubt, and became the new Ninja Warrior of the day.
Enjoy the pic...


Danielle and the Boys said...

hahaha...that's awesome! Tyler the ninja warrior, sounds like it fits!

You guys need to take him to 'pump it up' or 'out of this world'. Let him run around and burn off energy while you read a book. :)