Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart Day

Happy Valentines Day!!!!
Today I had a hot date with Tyler. Eric is out of town working this weekend, so Tyler and I figured we'd celebrate Valentines Day with a fun day in Portland. We started the morning out by going to get a hair cut. There is a place in Tigard called Kids Castle Cuts, and they specialize in children's hair cuts. As you can see, Tyler was able to have his hair cut in this BMW - he loved it. They also had Madagascar 2 playing on the TV's and a huge play room. It was actually hard to get Tyler to leave the place. I took a few pictures, but this one was the only one that turned out. He's making a crazy face, but you still get the idea :)

After Tyler's hair cut, we headed up to the Old Spaghetti Factory. We arrived at 11:30, and I guess they don't open for lunch on the weekends until noon. We decided to go for a chilly walk along the river front. Tyler decided to stand on the bench, so he could scope out the entire river walk.

Then Tyler decided to take a picture of me...

And the view...

And me again...

Then we made it back inside. We were waiting for our "buzzer" to go off, and Tyler decided to take some more pictures. He was flirting with these girls, and asked this family if he could take their picture. They kindly agreed. Cute family...and no clue who they are, lol!

Once our buzzer went off, we asked if we could sit in the train, Tyler's favorite. This is a picture of him standing outside on the train.

Tyler loves plain spaghetti, and this was his #1 choice for lunch.

And one last picture of myself and my hot date!

As we were finishing up, one of Tyler's friends from school, walked in with her family. Tyler was pretty excited to see Laci on Valentines Day. He went over and said hi and told her Happy Valentines Day. The entire ride home he was telling me how excited he was to see Laci on Valentines day, because now he has a special Valentine. I guess I didn't really count, ha ha.
We stopped at Whole Foods on the way home to get some chocolate cupcakes for our Valentines dinner dessert. We are having a movie night (Veggie Tales: The Pirates who do nothing).
All in all it's been fun to spend the day with my little man. He was excited to have a "date day" with me...and was a little gentleman the entire time. I'm looking forward to many more Valentines Days with him.


Danielle and the Boys said...

Ohhh...what a sweet day for you and your little man! glad you guys had lots of fun Jenny! :)