Tuesday, November 10, 2009

274 weeks

Tyler treat day Tuesday...

273 weeks

Planning his Christmas wish list...

272 weeks

Spreading out...

271 weeks

Drooling into dream land...

270 weeks

Bundled up for the rain...

269 weeks

Comfy time w/Flex (his Giraffe)

268 Weeks

Out like a light...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

267 weeks

Game day...go Jaquars!

266 weeks

Just playing around...

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today was the first day of Kindergarten for Mr. Tyler.
He was SUPER excited to get up before 8am this morning. His day started off with some waffles for breakfast, and then was bouncing off the walls in order to get to school. Needless to say, we took a ton of pictures, but only a few turned out. Tyler had the goofiest look on his face in so many of the pictures. This being one of them...

Then he gave a thumbs up for school...
And then decided to fold his arms. Not sure what that was all about, but we just went with it, lol :)

Yet, another goofy smile...I don't know where he gets these goofy smiles from, but I think it's his Uncle Matt...

This was the best pic, but somehow his head was chopped off! If I was cool w/photo shop like my sister in law Danielle, I'd know how to fix it :P

Ok, maybe I did get a few good ones more than I thought...

At 7:40 we were off to school..
We waited, with his class in the commons area until his teacher came out at 8am to pick up the class. Eric and I were able to go into the class for the first 10 minutes or so. Then it was time for the parents to leave. We waved goodbye and took off. It went over smooth as silk. Tyler had a FANTASTIC first day and just loves school. He can't wait to go back tomorrow! So starts the education journey of Mr. T.

265 weeks

One last summer hurrah at the park...

264 weeks

Enjoying a quack quack cookie. Go Ducks!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

263 weeks

Rock star Tyler...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Party #2

Monday August 10th.
Tyler's 5th Birthday

As many of you know, who read on our blog, in our family, on your birthday, you get to decide what we eat, and what we do for the day. The day started out with Tyler's breakfast request. Coffee cake and fresh fruit.

We then packed up the car, and drove to Lincoln City for the day. Tyler said he wanted to spend the day playing on the beach. It was one of the most beautiful days I ever remember at the Oregon beach. It was about 72 degrees, no wind (which is highly unusual) and sunny. The kids played on the beach together for a couple of hours, having so much fun. Playing in the sand, playing in the water, jumping waves and chasing each other up and down the shoreline.
2 cutie pies starting away at the ocean.

Tyler in his birthday pose!

After a fun filled day of playing on the beach, Tyler chose Kyllos for lunch. We had a delicious late lunch and then headed for home. Luckily, we all zonked out in the car (except for Eric, who was the driver). We were able to rest up for the fun night ahead.

For Tyler's birthday dinner he chose...cheese pizza on the bbq. It was really good! Then we had a small family party with cake and presents!

Making a wish...

Chloe gave Tyler a CARS hauler he had been wanting...Jerry recycled batteries!

And some new keen shoes from Mom and Dad...

More presents... ( The Tag Reading system)

And more presents...(More Cars, Haulers and Clothes)

The night ended with our family playing games and wii sports resort. We had such a fun couple of days celebrating Tyler's birthday party. He had a FABULOUS time and said he's ready to be 5 years old for a while now. Lol.

Party #1

Happy 5th Birthday to Tyler!
This year, Tyler had 2 birthday parties! The first party we celebrated the day before his birthday, on August 9th. We had invited the Young's and the Gallinger's sides of the family, thank you for those who were able to make it.
For Tyler's birthday dinner, he chose pizza! We started off with a yummy pizza dinner, salad and of course fruit. Then we moved on to playing the "Tyler Memory Game" which he and Chloe made themselves (darn it, forget to get a picture of that). Then it was time for a quick birthday picture to get the party rolling!

This year Tyler asked that I make him a train birthday cake. It was a bit of a challenge, but thanks to Chloe, we were able to get it decorated the night before the party. It was a really cute cake loaded with all kinds of "cargo" (candy).
Tyler posing with his Grandma Great Mabel. Grandma Great chose these cool heart shades as a prize in the Tyler memory game.

Singing happy birthday to you...blowing out his candle!

First gift opened was from Aunt Krista. A book called Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, one of his favorites. Aunt Krista also sent a glow-doodle & hyper dash game. We have all been enjoying those games!

Uncle Matt, Aunt Danielle, Cousins Ethan and Bennett gave Tyler a Trans Former action figure, pez dispenser, and the cutest birthday candy card ever. The transformer is a staple in the daily play!

Next came the CARS Haulers from Grandma Carol and Grandpa Jim. Along with a book about Kindergarten and a cool Nike shirt. Tyler's reaction to his haulers (which was on the top of his wish list) was "OH MY GOSH!" He was SO excited to get them!

Grandma Great Mabel gave Tyler the Chic Hicks CARS Hauler he had been wanting. Here, he has them all lined up in a row!

Tyler and his cousin Ethan had lots of fun playing together at the party. They are true boys-cars, trucks, planes, trains, anything that is a vehicle. I had asked the 2 boys to get together for a quick picture, and somehow, this is what ended up happening. All the adults were laughing so hard, we could barely contain ourselves. This has ended up being the family classic, "I love my cousin to death" picture!

And how could we not mention Miss Chloe? While Tyler was opening all his "boy" presents, and playing with cars, Chloe sat quietly on the couch with her blue raspberry ring pop. Guess it did a little bit of damage after all.

The evening ended & it was time for family to go home. We so appreciate all that were able to come. Tyler had a great time and we thank you for sharing in his special day.
Many thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Gallinger, Aunt Kail & Jason and Uncle Jeff and Aunt Megan for the gifts you sent. We sure missed you!

Tyler and Chloe continued playing into the night. They had fun chasing each other around, and playing tag. Here they stopped for a quick picture to end the fun day they had

And one last picture...Chloe won some silly string in the Tyler memory game...she and Eric had at it in the back yard after sunset. Good times, good times!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

262 weeks

Aqua boy...

Friday, August 14, 2009

261 weeks

Tyler in his birthday suit...a day late for his own party!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

260 weeks

Just playing around...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The dog days of summer...

The dog days of summer are upon us...

You know the kind... Where your summer clothes are starting to look a little worn...
Flip flops don't quite flop back as quickly as they use to...

Where it is warm at night, and the sun starts to set in deep shades of pinks and oranges...
Where Popsicles melt fast.. And blow up pools have to have a little extra air pumped into them every couple of days...

Tan lines show up a little more...You start to run low on sunblock...Your hair gets a little lighter and longer...

Fresh fruits and veggies are the norm at every meal...and you haven't turned on your oven in weeks...the grill is so much easier...

The yard is in full bloom, radiant with beautiful colors of blooms that you didn't think would ever come to fruition last Spring during the cold wet months...

And bed times get extended a minute or two every night...and morning wake up time does also...

These are the days that I love...the days when I don't get out the camera, because I am just enjoying myself too much to think about letting my eyes wander anywhere else, other than watching the kids...watching them play in the pool, splashing each other...laughter that can be heard throughout the neighborhood... riding their bikes...drawing with sidewalk chalk, eating those dripping Popsicles and playing hide and go seek outside...these are the memories that I will always treasure...the dog days of summer are upon us, and how much sweeter they are with our kids!


Chloe at sunset in our backyard...just love that young lady!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

259 weeks

Retro Tyler...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

258 weeks

Summer culture...


Friday July 17th, Eric turned 39 years young! If you have been following our blog, you know that on your birthday, you get to choose what you want to do for the day, and what you want to eat for all meals.
I was really hoping Eric would want to spend the day at the Nordstrom anniversary sale, but if you read our blog, you will also know that would be a day of torture for Eric and not something he would choose to do, ha!
We started out our day by having breakfast burritos in the morning. Eric was able to do a few things in the yard (his version of good times, like me shopping at Nordstrom) before it became too hot. It was in the upper 90's on his bday.
We picked up Chloe around noon and Ericdecided on a Mexican food for lunch, yum! He chose Los Arcos, one of our favorite spots. Chloe had no idea we were going there, but sure dressed appropriate. Look at her shirt. It cracked me up. (Incase you can't fully see it, it says "H" is for Hola)

Eric ordered his favorite dish. Camarones a mojo de a-ho. Ya, I know my Espanol isn't up to par, but I can at least say the name of the dish he ordered, even if I can't spell it. And for those of you worse off than me, that is Shrimp with garlic in English.
After a yummy lunch we came back to our house. The boys took a nap and the girls went shopping. Now, that's more like it, lol.

After naps, we played wii and then had a nice lasagna dinner (Eric's usual birthday dinner). Delicious. Eric had decided that this year he wanted ice cream instead of cake for his birthday dessert, which was fine by me. It was much easier to purchase a couple of different flavors of ice cream (cookie dough and oreo) than to bake. Here he is blowing out his "39!"

Tyler gave his Dad a camelbak water bottle for his birthday. Out of all the things, that is what T decided to get him....in ocean blue of course.

Chloe opted for a mug. She has this thing about giving her Dad mugs, which has become pretty predictable over the years...surprise!

Eric had his eye on a new GPS for quite some time. I broke down and bought it for him this year. It's one of those text to speech ones. It seems pretty fancy...So far, he's pretty much loving it.

Around 7 o'clock is started to cool down enough so that it was tolerable to be outside. Hello swim suits and blow up pool. Miss Chloe showing her picture perfect smile :)

And Tyler doing the same...

A regular couple of cutie pies...

Eric turned on the sprinkler to water the grass and it was getting in the pool. Chloe decided to hide behind Tyler for some reason, which totally cracked me up.

It didn't last long, and they were both back in the pool playing around...

And then something happened, as most parents can somehow relate...normal swimming and playing started to become a bit of a bore, so why not try to start pulling each other in and out of the pool...oh yes, that is so much more fun!

Chloe really didn't hold back...she pulled Tyler right in. Of course, Tyler loved every second of it!
And then, well, it was time to get the birthday boy in on some fun. Come here Dad...

We just want to see IF we can get you in...

And try as they did, IT HAPPENED! (And yes, I'm sorry for the action shot of my husband's rear, but I could resist).

And there they are...all having a great time!

Smiles and all...

After the pool time was over, it was time for some little ones (ok, Tyler) to say goodnight. He conked right out. Chloe, Eric and I stayed up playing a card game called Phase 10. It was a super fun family day and a great way to celebrate Eric's 39th birthday!