Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008 wrap up

Christmas 2008 started for us on Tuesday December 23rd. Aunt Krista arrived at our house, after a snow storm claimed 5 hours of her day. It took her 5 hours to make it 50 miles. We were so glad to see her when she arrived :) Her birthday was on December 13th, and due to this strange weather we'd been having, we hadn't been able to see her until then. We celebrated the night with a Mexican Fiesta, cherry chip cupcakes and presents.

Aunt Krista and Chloe are like 2 peas in a pod and ALWAYS enjoy each others company.
You can see how happy they are here!

Wednesday was Christmas Eve. Eric's family joined us for our Traditional dinner and present exchange. Our friend Steve was also able to join us, as he does every year. We had a fabulous evening. Everyone was able to make it, even with the snow and ice - what troopers! Below is a picture of our tree before the present madness began!

For our evening entertainment, Chloe payed us Jingle Bells on her violin & Tyler sang us some Christmas songs. Once I figure out the video feed, I will post the video.

The joke of the evening was that almost everyones presents were wrapped in Aeropostale boxes. Hey, they were giving them away, and I couldn't refuse!
Grandma Celeste and Tyler looking at his new easel.

Chloe was super excited to get a book she had been waiting for. It actually wasn't suppose to be released until 12.26. You have to love Amazon, somehow, it was on the doorstep on 12.24. Yahoo!

Tyler is with Grandma Celeste reading "Bad Dog Marley." One of his favorite books. Notice how calm he is :)

A picture with my sister-in-laws. Left to right: Krista, Megan and me!

Megan opening a present.
The extended Gallinger family gathered for a picture, minus Uncle Jeff who was working that evening. Sorry you couldn't be with us, maybe next year! (And yes, those are HUGE stockings on our wall).

A picture just before bed on Christmas Eve with the adult troops who stayed the night!

Then, Christmas morning hit - Tyler was BEYOND excited!

Tyler and his new Mac Truck

Opening presents was so much fun. It was really great to see how excited Tyler was about Christmas!

Aunt Krista opening a gift

After opening presents galore at our house, we had a big brunch - yum! Aunt Krista and our Friend Steve left, and then we took off for my parents house. We had a yummy dinner there and enjoyed spending time with my family. Due to the crazy weather, my brother Matt and his family were unable to join us - we are planning a make-up Christmas this Sunday, and we are looking forward to that. My brother called my to wish me a Merry Christmas, and told me that he and his wife are expecting a new baby (#2) in July, horray! There is nothing better than a baby, and that was the best Christmas gift this year!

A picture of Mr. Tyler at Grandma and Grandpa Young's house.

Tyler and Grandma Carol relaxing after the festivities were over.
We had an awesome few days celebrating with family and friends. A big thank you to everyone who made the season such a magical time. Only 364 more days to go!