Monday, June 29, 2009


We have a fabulous park out where we live. Great equipment, a rock climbing wall, a sand pit and even a water fountain. Today, Tyler spent the entire 2 hours in the water fountain playing! What a fun way to spend the morning! I'm going to go way out on a limb and say I actually wore him out. Or should I say, he wore himself out playing...a parents dream :)

He was just thrilled to be there!
Running around and around until he could no longer run anymore...

Then he stopped for a posed picture...he looks like he's ready to enter a body building contest with that stance!

Then he told me he was figuring out the pattern of the fountain...because it rotates around which ones come on and how long it takes. ONLY my 4 year old would be so interested in the mechanics of how it all works...and yes, he figured it out. It was fun to see the little wheels in his head working as he was calculating it all out....

And towards the end when he was getting a little tired, he decided to just sit down and rest...who could blame him?


Jeff said...

If those water jets hit you just right.... owwww...(or ahhhh) nuf said.
Looks like fun!