Monday, August 24, 2009

Party #1

Happy 5th Birthday to Tyler!
This year, Tyler had 2 birthday parties! The first party we celebrated the day before his birthday, on August 9th. We had invited the Young's and the Gallinger's sides of the family, thank you for those who were able to make it.
For Tyler's birthday dinner, he chose pizza! We started off with a yummy pizza dinner, salad and of course fruit. Then we moved on to playing the "Tyler Memory Game" which he and Chloe made themselves (darn it, forget to get a picture of that). Then it was time for a quick birthday picture to get the party rolling!

This year Tyler asked that I make him a train birthday cake. It was a bit of a challenge, but thanks to Chloe, we were able to get it decorated the night before the party. It was a really cute cake loaded with all kinds of "cargo" (candy).
Tyler posing with his Grandma Great Mabel. Grandma Great chose these cool heart shades as a prize in the Tyler memory game.

Singing happy birthday to you...blowing out his candle!

First gift opened was from Aunt Krista. A book called Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, one of his favorites. Aunt Krista also sent a glow-doodle & hyper dash game. We have all been enjoying those games!

Uncle Matt, Aunt Danielle, Cousins Ethan and Bennett gave Tyler a Trans Former action figure, pez dispenser, and the cutest birthday candy card ever. The transformer is a staple in the daily play!

Next came the CARS Haulers from Grandma Carol and Grandpa Jim. Along with a book about Kindergarten and a cool Nike shirt. Tyler's reaction to his haulers (which was on the top of his wish list) was "OH MY GOSH!" He was SO excited to get them!

Grandma Great Mabel gave Tyler the Chic Hicks CARS Hauler he had been wanting. Here, he has them all lined up in a row!

Tyler and his cousin Ethan had lots of fun playing together at the party. They are true boys-cars, trucks, planes, trains, anything that is a vehicle. I had asked the 2 boys to get together for a quick picture, and somehow, this is what ended up happening. All the adults were laughing so hard, we could barely contain ourselves. This has ended up being the family classic, "I love my cousin to death" picture!

And how could we not mention Miss Chloe? While Tyler was opening all his "boy" presents, and playing with cars, Chloe sat quietly on the couch with her blue raspberry ring pop. Guess it did a little bit of damage after all.

The evening ended & it was time for family to go home. We so appreciate all that were able to come. Tyler had a great time and we thank you for sharing in his special day.
Many thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Gallinger, Aunt Kail & Jason and Uncle Jeff and Aunt Megan for the gifts you sent. We sure missed you!

Tyler and Chloe continued playing into the night. They had fun chasing each other around, and playing tag. Here they stopped for a quick picture to end the fun day they had

And one last picture...Chloe won some silly string in the Tyler memory game...she and Eric had at it in the back yard after sunset. Good times, good times!